WHO urged to prepare for a possible new pandemic

WHO urged to prepare for a possible new pandemic

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World Health Organization (WHO) expert Richard Peabody said it is necessary to prepare for the fact that a new pandemic may arise due to human-to-human avian influenza. This was reported on Wednesday in an interview with the Spanish newspaper Pais.

According to him, scientists are currently analyzing the sequence of viruses and monitoring them in order to develop affordable vaccines.

“We must be at the forefront to reduce the risk of bird-to-human transmission of the virus. There are fears that the virus will acquire the ability to spread from person to person in a sustained manner and could cause a new pandemic. We must prepare for this, ”the epidemiologist said in an interview.

According to WHO, from 2003 to 2023, 873 cases of human infection with avian influenza were recorded in the world, which led to 458 deaths.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the United States may be involved in the coronavirus pandemic. According to the agency, a few months before the pandemic, exercises were held in New York to work out the infection infection scenario, and American pharmaceutical companies could be aware of plans to provoke a pandemic and prepare mRNA vaccines.

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