White House: Russia and China have become closer to each other

Washington believes that Xi Jinping sees Putin as a potential ally in confronting the United States

Relations between Moscow and Beijing have become closer, the White House strategic communications coordinator said on March 20. John Kirby at a meeting with reporters.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping

Ivan Shilov (c) IA REGNUM

According to Kirby, the heyday of relations between Russia and China fell on the recent past.

“These two countries have become closer”Kirby said.

Moscow and Beijing, Kirby said, don’t like “US Leadership in the World”.

“…China is challenging US leadership around the world. And the president Xi Jinping sees President Putin as a potential ally in this effort.”Kirby noted.

Recall that Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow on a three-day visit. Xi Jinping meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin lasted several hours.


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