Nitish knows that numbers are important in politics. Therefore, for how long will the BJP continue to accept the leader of a party with lesser MLAs as the Chief Minister? He wants to consolidate his political ground before any ‘unhappy’ happens to him.

There is continuous uproar in Bihar. It is being said about Nitish Kumar that he is not very comfortable despite becoming the Chief Minister. Two things have been bothering him constantly. One is that his party came third in the election and he has been able to become CM on the mercy of BJP. Second, he is a seasoned politician. They know that numbers are important in politics. Therefore, for how long will the BJP continue to accept the leader of a party with lesser MLAs as the Chief Minister? He wants to consolidate his political ground before any ‘unhappy’ happens to him. He started with his political rival Upendra Kushwaha in the party. Nitish is believed to have played a key role in the breakdown in Paswan’s party in the past. Therefore, the question is now being asked in the political circles that where will Nitish’s next ‘surgical strike’ take place? The discussion is that Nitish’s target is the MLAs of Owaisi’s party. Their strength in the assembly is five. These MLAs have also met Nitish once after the formation of the government. The MLAs know that they won the elections from Owaisi’s party, but they are not the main party in the state, so these MLAs do not see any future of their own. The argument can be made that what the LGP MPs gave – ‘People of the area have expectations regarding development. If there is a government of Nitish Kumar in the state, then we have to walk with him. Most of the MLAs who have won from Owaisi’s party in the last elections in Bihar are from other parties, they have had some form of contact with Nitish Kumar in the past as well.

New bet of ‘Diggi Raja’

Due to mutual discord in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress had to lose even its government, but even after this, it did not learn a lesson. Whenever there is some issue or the other, factionalism continues. At present, Digvijay Singh is seen playing stakes in the state to make his son the working president of the state. There is news that there is going to be a new list of Congress office bearers. There were three working president posts in the old executive, these posts were created for the purpose of adjustment and which never came to Kamal Nath. He wants to abolish these posts, but Digvijay Singh is not only insisting that the post of working president should continue but also wants that the post of a working president should go to his son. Now that Kamal Nath has made his son an MP, then Digvajiya Singh did not object to him. That’s why now it is getting difficult for Kamal Nath not to do Digvajiya Singh’s son. Kamal Nath wants that the central leadership should refuse Digvijay for this and he should not say anything. That’s why he is arguing in Delhi that the concept of the working president’s post has not been very successful. Of the three people who were given this post last time, two could not even win the election. It remains to be seen whose arguments prove to be more weighty in front of the high command in Delhi. Kamal Nath knows that if Diggi Raja’s son is made the working president, then his eyes will be on the chair of the state president.

Will ‘Khel’ start in UP now?

Sharma ji also remains a puzzle in UP. One, he is close to the Prime Minister. Secondly, when he was sent to the politics of UP through VRS, there was a general perception that he did not come just to become an MLC. Had he been given a similar post, he would have been ‘adjusted’ in the Rajya Sabha in Delhi itself, he has been sent to UP to do something ‘big’. After this, there was speculation for the last six months, from becoming his deputy CM to making him the CM of a separate Purvanchal state, but in the end he got the post of state vice-president. The state unit already had 16 vice-presidents. Sharma ji has turned 17th. Before getting the post of state vice-president, the kind of crowd that used to gather around him and the competition among BJP leaders who were eager to move forward has reduced. Now it is being said that this is the victory of Yogi ji. Sharma ji was brought into the politics of UP without taking him into confidence, in such a situation it was bound to happen to him. A large section in the party is still not ready to accept this. He doesn’t believe that it is Yogi ji’s ‘victory’ or Sharma ji has been put ‘on the side’. It is being said that the ‘game’ had not started yet, it will start now. The foundation of this belief remains the same principle that ‘he has not come to UP just to become an MLC’. There are many types of discussions in the political circles. It is being said that he will take steps towards the government through the organization. Discussions of his mobilization have also started within the party with many such leaders, who have been considering themselves as the chief ministerial candidate for some time.



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