Where does the money from the sons of Vladimir Zhirinovsky

In mid-February 2023, Zhirinovsky’s youngest son, Oleg Eidelstein, was arrested in Moscow on charges of petty hooliganism and disobedience to a government official. He got to the police department after a clash in one of the Moscow restaurants on Lubyanka, where, according to the security forces, he insulted the police and allegedly hit one of them. For this he received 15 days of administrative arrest.

After his release, Eidelstein told the SHOT telegram channel that he allegedly “realized all his mistakes”, apologized to the police and the restaurant workers, where he made a brawl. He also spoke about his life during the arrest: he says that he read about 5,000 pages of his father’s books in order to “update information, so to speak,” and did physical exercises. After that, accompanied by security, he went home.

junior brawler

Oleg Eidelstein rather has a reputation as a brawler than a politician and businessman. Like a good father, Zhirinovsky took care of him too: he brought him into politics in 2017, putting him at the head of the list of deputies nominated to the North Ossetian parliament from the local regional branch of the LDPR.

On the eve of the elections, my father came to the republic and appealed to the inhabitants of the region to vote for the Liberal Democratic Party, noting that Oleg was “the only one of all party leaders who became related to the republic.”

Oleg Eidelstein.  Photo © TASS / Anton Novoderezhkin

Oleg Eidelstein. Photo © TASS / Anton Novoderezhkin

These are not empty words: Zhirinovsky Jr. is the illegitimate son of a politician from Ossetian Zhanna Gazdarova, who was born in 1986 and lived for a long time in Ossetia in the village of Chikola, located about 70 kilometers from Vladikavkaz.

However, those elections, the youngest son of the head of the Liberal Democratic Party failed miserably. Like his elder brother Igor Lebedev, Oleg Eidelstein was famous for his complex character and inability to restrain emotions, which could reduce his popularity among the electorate. The day before, he emotionally accused the authorities of the republic of corruption and the lack of social elevators for active youth.

In April 2021, at Vnukovo airport, he got into a fight with the son of the former head of North Ossetia, Vyacheslav Bitarov, Zelimkhan. The allegedly drunk Eidelstein obscenely described to his interlocutor the situation with the resignation of Bitarov Sr., which happened the day before. He allegedly received a closed craniocerebral injury, a concussion and a police investigation.

The son of Zhirinovsky has a mansion in the village of Darino, in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. A few years ago, he rented it out: Eidelstein estimated a house of 260 square meters on a plot of 30 acres at only 85,000 rubles a month.

According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Zhirinovsky Jr. has no actual business. Today, Oleg Eidelstein is not formally involved in business either as a founder of companies or as an individual entrepreneur. All of his 10 firms have either closed or gone under the management of his mother and maternal relatives. However, Eidelstein’s lifestyle suggests that he is doing well with money.

In public, he likes to appear spectacularly: Mercedes S500 limousines, his father’s S600 Pullman and S560 Maybach, Mercedes-Benz GL500 SUV, Cadillac Escalade, Porsche Cayenne S and rare GAZ 21 visited Oleg Eidelstein’s fleet. His wife, Madina Batyrova, prefers premium cars of brands Land Rover and Lexus.

How the eldest son of Zhirinovsky, Igor Lebedev, got rich

It seems that the eldest son Igor Lebedev was responsible for the family property and income from it at the Zhirinovskys. At the turn of the century, he actively shone on the prestigious housing market: he bought apartments at auctions, sold them, and bought them again. The amount of living space in circulation was measured in tens.

For example, Life discovered that only on Dolgorukovskaya Street at the very end of the 90s, Lebedev was actively buying up apartments in a building across the street from the Novoslobodskaya metro station. As a result, he owned the whole floor of one of the entrances. At this address, one could often see Zhirinovsky’s illegitimate children – Anastasia Botsan-Kharchenko and Oleg Eidelstein.

The eldest son of Zhirinovsky Igor Lebedev.  Photo © TASS / Sergey Savostyanov

The eldest son of Zhirinovsky Igor Lebedev. Photo © TASS / Sergey Savostyanov

It seems that real estate on Dolgorukovskaya was originally supposed to be the first platform for a family to live together, but in the end, the noisy city real estate lost out to the newly built “Reliable Town”, which favorably differed in its large living areas, silence, environmental friendliness and wonderful views against the backdrop of a favorable location in the city line. According to the USRN, the apartments near Novoslobodskaya disappeared from the list of Lebedev’s property in 1999.

Lebedev also has a living space in the elite residential complex “Kutuzovskaya Riviera”. In one of the skyscrapers of the complex on the 27th floor, Nadezhda Grishaeva, a Russian basketball player and, possibly, a close friend of Zhirinovsky’s eldest son, is registered. The same modest by the standards of “Riviera” apartment of 120 square meters in the secondary market now costs from 65 million rubles.

It is also known that he has elite “squares” on Tverskaya Street (≈ 160 million rubles), a hostel on Volkhonka (≈ 438 million rubles). Hotels, offices and villas in Spain (≈ 2.7 billion rubles), an apartment in the UAE (≈ 136.9 million rubles), plots near Moscow (≈ 1.2 billion rubles). No one knows how much more real estate that is not formally associated with Lebedev-Zhirinovsky.

Lebedev is now Garcia

However, things went from bad to worse for Lebedev in 2021 after a scandal involving the theft of 29 million rubles from the party fund. The investigation suspected LDPR accountants of the crime, but they said that they were withdrawing money on the personal instructions of State Duma deputy Igor Lebedev.

As a result, this situation complicated Lebedev’s relationship with his father. It is interesting that at the same time the son of Zhirinovsky, who was predicted to be the head of the party, publicly refused to go to the elections to the State Duma of the VIII convocation and announced the end of his political career.

In parallel, Lebedev officially withdrew from all his Russian businesses and today does not appear in the registers of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. And in the summer of last year, he completely changed his name. Now Lebedev’s name is David Alexandrovich Garcia.

As they say in the environment of the businessman, changing his full name can help him bypass the sanctions restrictions imposed on him back in 2014 – the former politician has foreign assets, and now, perhaps, Lebedev connects his future with the countries of the West.

Igor Lebedev.  Photo © TASS / Anton Novoderezhkin

Igor Lebedev. Photo © TASS / Anton Novoderezhkin

However, Lebedev is unlikely to have lost his business in Russia. Everything looks like he only formally re-registered it for other people. Life found in the tax reports a record that in 2021 Igor Lebedev received income from the Nerei N company, which is engaged in the hotel business. The amount of income amounted to more than 25 million rubles with a profit of 47 million, that is, more than half of the company’s total income.

At the same time, 50% of the company is registered to a certain Sergey Voznyuk, and the remaining half belongs to the company itself. According to the information system SPARK, Igor Lebedev was never listed in the company either as a founder or as a general director. Perhaps this situation with the son of a politician is not unique.

family estate

Vladimir Zhirinovsky arranged his family nest for all his relatives: accomplished and failed wives, children, grandchildren. He got a job in the State Duma, helped in political activities, gave money, housing and cars, and, possibly, contributed to the development of business.

Since 2001-2002, a large family began to settle in a closed elite club village on Nezhinskaya Street, in the Ochakovo-Matveevskoye metropolitan area in the south-west of Moscow.

Immediately behind the complex – across Zhirinovsky Street (the city authorities have already managed to rename it after the death of the politician) – there is a natural reserve “Valley of the Setun River” with a picturesque forest, numbering 47 rare species of plants, inhabited by Red Book birds, amphibians and mammals. They say that here you can still meet the water shrew and even the muskrat.

The territory of the residential complex is small, consists of several buildings and is under round-the-clock security. For 20 years, it was run by the Homeowners’ Association “Reliable Town” under the leadership of Galina Lebedeva, the only legal wife of the late leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. In July 2021, the partnership was liquidated.

Life found here the property of all the children of Zhirinovsky. At different times, several apartments in two buildings were recorded for the eldest legitimate son of the politician Igor Lebedev: with an area of ​​325, 327, 331 and 332 sq.m.

The only daughter of Vladimir Volfovich, Anastasia Botsan-Kharchenko, settled in one of them. She had at her disposal a 6-room apartment with an area of ​​325 squares. Exactly the same housing went to the family of the youngest son, Oleg Eidelstein. It seems that his wife Madina Batyrova and daughter Dana still live at this address.

In the open sale, real estate that was part of the HOA is not found. On some specialized sites, you can find offers in an adjacent apartment building. The cheapest apartments will cost the future neighbors of the politician’s family 200 million rubles. Townhouses similar to those owned by the Zhirinovskys are selling for twice as much.

The only daughter of Vladimir Zhirinovsky Anastasia Botsan-Kharchenko.  Photo © youtube / Look

The only daughter of Vladimir Zhirinovsky Anastasia Botsan-Kharchenko. Photo © youtube / We are watching

Why did Zhirinovsky’s children never become strong politicians and businessmen?

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