Where did you want to travel?: they capture a nutria wandering through the corridors of the Collao de Concepción Terminal

 ¿Where did you want to travel?: Coipo is caught wandering the corridors of Terminal Collao de Concepción

To the surprise of the users of the Collao Terminal, a large nutria moved freely through the halls of the facility. In this regard, the SAG delivered a statement and recommendations regarding this type of sightings.

During the night of Wednesday, a particular situation was experienced by those who were at the Concepción bus terminal, in the region of Bío Bío, when a nutria wandered through the premises in the middle of the users.

The event was recorded in a video that Radio Bío Bío had access to, in which the surprise of the people can be appreciated, while the rodent, typical of southern South America, walked at an accelerated pace through the main corridor of the Collao Terminal, located in Tegualda street.

The curious thing is that the Myocastor Coypus, its scientific name, is characterized by inhabiting aquatic spaces. In the case of the province of Concepción, it is common to see them in wetlands, lagoons, or similar spaces.

SAG recommendations for a sighting of nutria

Consulted by BioBioChile, from the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG), the regional director(s), Roberto Ferrada, gave the pertinent indications for those who find themselves in front of the species outside the habitat.

They also clarified that only today, Thursday, they received a complaint in this regard. According to the agency, the rodent could have left from the Andalién river, and could have taken refuge in the terminal.

“The idea is that people do not take the animal or intend to capture it. The idea is to let him return to his natural environment on his own. Next to the bus terminal there is an estuary, which surely by some kind of intervention the nutria left there, and took refuge in the aforementioned structure”, he said.

The following record corresponds to a viralized TikTok video by the user Elichacotera.

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