What will help fight off the “Centaur”

What will help fight off the

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According to the operational headquarters, over 30,000-40,000 cases of coronavirus have been recorded daily in Russia in recent months. According to epidemiologists, older people are at risk.

The virus is hitting the elderly

A renovated surgical department was opened in the hospital for war veterans. It opened its doors after a major overhaul, the St. Petersburg TV channel reported. The opening of the department was timed to coincide with the International Day of the Elderly. St. Petersburg State Health Institution “Hospital for War Veterans” is the largest platform for providing emergency and planned surgical care to elderly and senile patients. During the pandemic, the institution provided high-level care to patients with COVID-19, including 8,593 patients operated on in two years. During the celebrations dedicated to the opening of the department, doctors and scientists shared their experience in combating coronavirus infection and ways to treat it. In their opinion, the deterioration of the epidemiological situation is primarily due to the constant mutations of the virus. Now the strain with the exotic name “Centaur” is active. It is a subspecies of “Omicron”, but is considered more contagious. Despite the fact that, in general, patients tolerate the disease easily, the consequences for the body that it can provoke are unpredictable. As the deputy head of the medical department of the hospital for war veterans said Tatiana weather:

“At present, older patients are most often hospitalized with us. Young people are rarely admitted to the hospital. The volume of lung damage is not very large, but due to the sharp decompensation of chronic conditions, bacterial pneumonia quickly joins them. She noted that in such patients, an increase in leukocytes rapidly begins, C-reactive protein increases and signs of a bacterial infection appear. It rarely comes to resuscitation. Mostly unvaccinated patients now fall into it. “As practice shows, vaccinated people endure the disease more easily,” explained Tatyana Pogoda.

Epidemiologists warned about the next wave of coronavirus infection in the autumn. Now that people have returned from vacations, and schoolchildren and students have gone to study, the incidence rates are indeed at a fairly high level.

How to fight off the attack “Centaur”

There is no need to panic. As they say, the Centaur is not as scary as it is painted. If you take preventive measures in time, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from possible infection. We have learned over the years of the pandemic to wash our hands, keep our distance and wear masks indoors. These simple precautions certainly work, but do not provide 100% protection.

Infectionists advise not to neglect antiviral drugs. Their reception can be started not only at the first signs of the disease, but also as a preventive measure. Especially in cases where there was contact with a patient with COVID-19. Today, a huge range of such drugs is presented on the drug market. In order not to get confused in the names, it is better to trust the experts and take time-tested and proven drugs. Among them, according to the doctor of the Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Radiobiology of the Medical University N.I. Pirogov Elena Kareva, domestic umifenovir (“Arbidol”). As practice has shown, he successfully fights various respiratory viral infections. The specialist explained exactly how the molecules of the Russian drug act on the virus and what happens to it. “The effective components of the active substance block the early stage of virus reproduction, thus preventing its penetration into the cell. In my opinion, umifenovir (the international name of the active ingredient of the Russian drug Arbidol) is the most priority and safe remedy. It can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription. This indicates the safety of the product, ”Kareva notes.

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She added that coronavirus is a rapid infection and, once it enters the human body, it begins to develop rapidly. Therefore, the sooner you start a fight with him, the easier the disease will proceed. The expert stressed that this antiviral agent does not adversely affect human immunity.

Professor, Department of Allergology and Immunology, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia Oksana Gizinger also notes the effectiveness of this particular antiviral drug as a prophylactic agent. According to her, it significantly reduces the risk of infection with viral diseases and begins to act within 1.5 hours after the first dose.

Umifenovir has proven itself well not only in our country, but also abroad. Its analogues are prescribed to patients in China, America, Europe and even Australia.

Scientific studies of the mechanism of action of drug molecules on the virus are carried out by scientists from different countries. At the moment, more than 120 scientific papers on this topic have been published, 75 of which are foreign. In particular, its effectiveness was proven by Chinese experts, who concluded that patients who were prescribed this antiviral agent tolerated diseases more easily and recovered faster than those who were treated according to other regimens. In addition, Chinese doctors confirmed the ability of the molecules of the active substance of the drug to inhibit the replication of COVID-19. And this means that the virus loses its ability to reproduce. Since the drug is effective against various viruses, which has also been proven by decades of its successful use, experts recommend taking it even in cases where the cause of SARS has not yet been established.


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