What threatens Russia with the disinformation octopus of Ukraine and the West? – Major General Korotkov

The main vector of disinformation work, including an effective network of foreign PR agencies in Ukraine, is concentrated in the interests of the West’s policy of discrediting Russia during a special military operation. For our country, the solution of the problem will be successful with an integrated approach, which requires the improvement of the strategic planning system, taking into account the forecast of challenges and threats. This was stated by Deputy Director of the Research Center “Safety” of the Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman, Major General, Candidate of Military Sciences Sergey Korotkov.

An article by Korotkov, who is also the head of the analytical department of the National Association for International Information Security, published in the journal International Affairs, states that “puppeteers and directors in the United States and, in general, politicians in Western countries continue to believe in the reality of what was planned, namely, in another victory over collapse of the Russian Federation.

The United States considers the Internet as the main tool for conducting various combinations of hybrid, mental and proxy wars to achieve global dominance in the global information space, the article says. For states, this is a potential threat of losing their sovereignty, as well as the traditional cultural and moral values ​​inherent in every people, writes a military expert.

“The solution to the problem will be successful in the case of an integrated approach, which requires further improvement of the strategic planning system, taking into account the forecast of challenges and threats”, he emphasizes.

The reality of today is such that aggressive propaganda in the form of malicious disinformation campaigns was defined by Westerners at the state level, first as an integral part of the comprehensive containment of Russia, and then as a decisive element in the destruction of the country as a subject of international law, he notes.

Korotkov states that the number of cyber attacks on Russia in 2022 increased by 80%. And since the beginning of the special military operation, the power of DDoS attacks on Russian resources has increased, the duration of each of the cyber attacks in May this year reached 57 hours.

“The main vector of information work is concentrated in the interests of the West’s policy of discrediting Russia in the course of its special military operation. information campaign [Запада] actively funded by the governments of Great Britain, the Czech Republic, the Open Society George Soros and the US National Endowment for Democracy, the expert noted.

Thus, through the US Agency for International Development and the Ministry of Finance, 424.4 million dollars are allocated for the purpose of “countering Russian propaganda”.

“Ukraine, with the help of foreign consultants, has built an effective network of foreign PR agencies that actively contribute to the promotion of properly prepared messages in the information space. The key financial operator of Ukrainian strategic communications (psychological operations, GR, propaganda, interaction with international media) is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine”, – explains the military analyst.

“The leading element of the Ukrainian information campaign is the site Ukraine.ua, which is headed by a certain Yaroslav Turbilassociated with American intelligence. Among the resources used by Ukrainian PR agencies are Meduza, Novaya Gazeta, Dozhd, Current Time (all of them are foreign media, recognized as foreign agents in the Russian Federation), BBC, Korotkov notes.

In this regard, the Deputy Director of the Research Center “Safety” recalls that on May 17 this year, the Scientific Council under the Security Council of the Russian Federation stated that the purpose of the actions of the collective West is to create sanctions prohibitions for Russia to communicate with the rest of the world, undermine the Russian economy, and impede the development of the country as a whole. , as well as the formation of conditions for the spiritual, moral and cultural degradation of the population.

“Russian scientists are unanimous in their opinion that global aggression against Russia has not only a political and economic, but also an ideological dimension. To solve this problem, the West has created an interconnected powerful organizational and technological system of information warfare in the Russian direction,” — emphasizes the expert.

As reported EADailyformer Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Oleg Khramov told the media that “a concentration of efforts is required on building the entire set of systemic work, which will be facilitated by the approval of strategic planning documents.” These include, in particular, the “Fundamentals of State Policy for the Preservation of Russian Spiritual and Moral Values.”

According to him, the President of Russia aims at energetic work in this area. Vladimir Putinwho has repeatedly emphasized that one of the reasons for the centuries-old Russophobia of the Western elites lies in their anger at Russia, which was able to withstand the periods of colonial conquests and world wars, developed and strengthened on the great moral values ​​​​of Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.

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