What threatens Muscovites for illegal redevelopment: a fine and the loss of an apartment

The owners of the capital’s apartments may lose their homes due to violations of the layout, told the TV channel “Moscow 24” lawyer, chairman of the Union of Housing Organizations of Moscow Konstantin Krokhin. We are talking about those changes that pose a threat.

“Violations of redevelopment are those that are related to safety. For example, the demolition of load-bearing walls, the replacement of “wet places” when bathrooms are made above living quarters, where this is prohibited, the removal of heating to balconies,” Krokhin explained.

If such changes are detected, the tenant must legalize them or eliminate them by paying a fine. The corresponding order is issued by the housing supervision authority. If the property owner does not respond in any way to the “letters of happiness”, he will have to say goodbye to the apartment altogether. Housing can be put up for auction for repeated failure to comply with regulations.

After receiving such notification, the person is given six months to resolve the issue. If the request is ignored by the owner, then the apartment is sold at auction, and the former owner is left with the money for it, minus the costs of the sale. And the obligation to eliminate illegal redevelopment after that will fall on the shoulders of the new owner.

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