Home News What the French Left Wants to Defeat Macron – Bloomberg

What the French Left Wants to Defeat Macron – Bloomberg


Although the alliance of left-wing parties Nupes, the main rival of the bloc of the President of France Emmanuel Macron, failed to win in the first round of parliamentary elections, however, after the second round, Macron may lose his absolute majority in the lower house. This will force him into a confrontation with a strengthened left-wing opposition that intends to interfere with his business support program, Bloomberg reports on June 14.

According to forecasts, the left group Nupes, led by a member of the French National Assembly Jean-Luc Mélenchon will take second place, receiving from 164 to 208 seats.

And even if the alliance of communists, greens and socialists fails to realize most of its program, it will still try to thwart Macron’s plans through referendums, filibusters and parliamentary investigations.

Here are the key points of the Nupes economic program:

Large increase in government spending

Nupes plans to increase…


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