What schools and kindergartens will be built in the Tyumen region by 2027

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In the Tyumen region, kindergartens and schools will be built in the Novo-Komarovo and Zvezdny Gorodok microdistricts, in the villages of Malkovo and Moskovskoye. The head of the region, Alexander Moor, announced this during a direct line. According to him, 2023 was a record year for the number of new educational places introduced.

“By the end of this year, we plan to commission three more schools – in the village of Ovsyannikov, in the village of Irtysh and the village of Bolshoi Karagay. Each has a capacity of 60 seats. <…> In the next three years, funds are provided for the design and construction of 12 kindergartens and 30 schools throughout the region, including the replacement of 15 wooden schools,” Moor said.

New institutions will appear in the following territories:

  • Novo-Komarovo microdistrict (kindergarten for 550 children and a school);
  • Residential complex “Zvezdny Gorodok” (kindergarten);
  • Belinsky Street area (school with a preschool department by 2027);
  • Moskovsky village (school in 2025);
  • Malkovo village (school by 2025);
  • fifth Zarechny microdistrict (school with a kindergarten and a department of additional education in 2025-2027);
  • Residential complex “Aivazovsky” (kindergarten in 2026-2027);
  • microdistrict Yamalsky-1 (school by 2026).


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