What Perm beauty queens look like and what they do now

Miss Yekaterinburg - 2018, crown

The first beauty contest in Perm was held more than 35 years ago. Since then, the most beautiful girls of different ages have been chosen every year. Some go on to conquer world podiums, while others become specialists in other fields. URA.RU found out how life turned out for Perm beauty queens.

Elena Zinatulina

The story of Perm resident Elena Zinatulina is similar to the fairy tale about Cinderella. During the summer holidays in 2007, the girl worked part-time as a dishwasher at the Tatishchev restaurant. Then she was invited to take part in the Miss Perm competition, where she reached the finals. “My first beauty pageant changed my life. He gave me the opportunity to start collaborating with a modeling agency and work not only in Perm, but also throughout Russia and even abroad,” the Perm resident told the agency’s correspondent.

Then she was a finalist in the Russian beauty contests “Beauty of Russia”, “Miss Volga”, “Miss Volga Region”, “Miss Eurasia”, as well as the international “World next top model”, “Queen peacemaker”, “Global model of the World”. Now Elena lives in Moscow, works in a large BTL agency that organizes promotional events. She enjoys horse riding and traveling. Elena has already visited 27 countries. The girl no longer participates in beauty contests. She last competed at the Miss Cappadocia 2022 competition. But participating in shows and photo shoots remained as a hobby.

Elena Zinatulina in 2014 (left) and at the competition in Turkey in 2022 (right)
Elena Zinatulina in 2014 (left) and at the competition in Turkey in 2022 (right)

Anna Cohen

Anna Cohen received her first beauty queen crown at the age of 16 at the Miss Colosseum competition, which was held by the Perm fitness club of the same name in 2012. Then she was recognized as the most beautiful high school student and student in the city. “After the first competition, I received an offer to work in a modeling agency. It was great to receive my first self-earned money from participating in photo shoots and shows,” the girl recalls.

The Perm girl gave up her modeling career a long time ago. She preferred working as a web designer to catwalks. Anna works remotely and travels a lot.

Anna Cohen at the Miss Coliseum pageant in 2012 (left) and today (right)
Anna Cohen at the Miss Coliseum pageant in 2012 (left) and today (right)

Alexandra Morozova (Lyashkova)

Like Anna Cohen, Permian Alexander Morozova began her career by participating in “Miss Coliseum” and “Miss Students”, and was also selected for “Miss Amkar” and “Miss Volga”. She received the crown of first runner-up at the Perm stage of “Beauties of Russia” in 2017, and a year later won in India at the “Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2018” competition. But there the Permian played for the Republic of Belarus, and not Russia. At the competition she beat out 42 beauties from all over the world.

After winning an international competition, Alexandra founded the Supermodel Russia project in Russia and began organizing her own projects and shows. She married a deputy of the Perm City Duma, Daniil Morozov. Now the Permian writes on her social networks that she works as a model in Istanbul.

Alexandra Morozova at the Miss Volga competition in 2017 (left) and at a photo shoot in 2022 (right)
Photo from Alexandra Morozova’s page on the VKontakte social network, https://vk.com/aleksamoro

Olga Neskoromnaya (Rodionova)

In 2012, Perm resident Olga Rodionova had the chance to represent Russia at the “Young Miss World” competition, which was held in the USA. Before this, the girl won the regional and all-Russian stages of the competition. At “Young Miss World” Olga entered the top 10. It is known about the girl that after school she graduated from the Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg, and then began working in the field of Internet marketing.

Olga Neskoromnaya at the Beauty of Russia competition in 2011 (left) and at a photo shoot in 2019 (right)
Photo from Olga Neskoromnaya’s page on the VKontakte social network, https://vk.com/id18721149

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