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What is the best time to buy an Electric Vehicle in India?

The central government and the state governments are emphasizing on increasing electric mobility in the country. For which the Central and State Governments are waiving the registration fee along with subsidy on the purchase of electric vehicles.

Nevertheless, there remains a doubt about the electric vehicle in the country. People believe that electric vehicles are not more reliable than petrol and diesel vehicles. Because the range the automobile company gives to their vehicle is not found on the road. With this, there is not even a strong infrastructure in the country to charge electric vehicles. In such a situation, most people are not able to fully trust electric vehicles.

Experience of customer buying EV – H.S. Panno said that he bought the Tata Nexon XZ + in September last. In which the company claimed that these cars give a range of 315 km on a single charge. But he said that when he started using this SUV, it is giving only 200 km range.

The Delhi government had removed the Nexon from the list of subsidies – the Delhi government had decided to remove the Tata Nexon EV from the list of subsidized electric vehicles. Actually, it was alleged that there is a difference in the mileage and actual-driving range of this electric car certified by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

Following this complaint, on 1 March 2021, the Delhi government temporarily banned the subsidy on Tata Nexon EV. It was said on behalf of the Transport Department that a three-member committee has been formed to investigate the matter.

Tata Motors gave this answer on this matter – Tata Motors said in its reply to the Delhi government that, the claim of 312 km mileage of Tata Nexon was ARAI test. Which is a nodal agency which tests the vehicle before launch.

Tata Motors made it clear that driving style, road, AC, and many other things are also responsible for the mileage of the vehicle. Along with this, many times the vehicle gives mileage less than the claimed number or sometimes more than the claimed number. At the same time, the Delhi government did not consider this reply of Tata Motors as satisfactory.

EV two most wheeler and three wheeler – EV passenger car segment is definitely increased in the future. But at this time, people are buying mostly electric vehicles two wheeler and three wheeler only. If you look at the March sales figures, it is known that 25,640 electric vehicles were sold in the country, out of which 90 percent of the vehicles were two-wheeler and three-wheeler.

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