What is known about the double murder of Russian women in Turkey

Türkiye, Türkiye

The bodies of two Russian women, 42-year-old Irina Dvizova and her 15-year-old daughter Dayana, were found in Bodrum, Turkey. The bodies were found by the side of the road, wrapped in sheets and tied with rope. URA.RU has collected all the information about this incident in its material.

  • Irina and Dayana disappeared several days ago, which their relatives reported to the police because they could not contact them. When visiting the house where the family lived, relatives found traces of blood on the sofa and made an assumption about murder. A second call to the police led to a check of the surveillance cameras, after which the car in which the killer left the house was discovered. The search led to the discovery of the bodies of Irina and Dayana on a steep slope next to a road near Bodrum. Irina was previously a model and worked as a realtor in Bodrum, and Dayana, in turn, dreamed of becoming a model and was happy about traveling with her mother to Istanbul for her birthday, which she wrote about on social networks.
  • Lithuanian citizen Andrei Kuslevich is being sought in Turkey on suspicion of murdering two Russian women. He was the second husband of Irina Dvizova and was previously detained in Moscow at the request of the Monaco authorities. Kuslevich was able to escape from custody while being transported to a pre-trial detention center. According to Turkish media, he could have already left the country with his son.
  • Dvizova’s ex-husband was prohibited from approaching the family by decision of the Turkish police, Irina’s neighbor said. The neighbor also mentioned hearing gunshots in their home. Irina Dvizova’s son, David, stated that he suspected Kuslevich of murder, the motive may have been Irina’s reluctance to allow him to communicate with one of her daughters. Judging by the son’s statements, the suspect had a previous prison sentence for stealing a diamond and is a citizen of Lithuania and France.
  • The Russian Consulate General in Antalya contacted law enforcement agencies after reports of the murder of two Russian women in Bodrum. Diplomats reported this.
  • Irina Dvizova tried to deprive her ex-husband of parental rights, as indicated in the data from the judicial database. The court decision, the details of which were not disclosed, came into force in June of this year.


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