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    Okhrimenko does not exclude course swings until the end of summer.

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    For the current dollar exchange rate in Ukraine influenced not by economic, but by emotional factors.

    This opinion was expressed by the site “Telegraph” economic expert Alexander Okhrimenko.

    In his opinion, the National Bank managed to cope with the currency panic by banning the placement of the current rate on the scoreboard. After that, the owners of the exchangers moderated their appetites for speculation, the expert believes.

    “Tomorrow there will be a successful offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – people will believe in our victory and, due to expectations, the dollar exchange rate will fall against the hryvnia. If something happens that will be negatively assessed, the dollar exchange rate may rise. And there are a lot of such possible examples,” says Okhrimenko.

    He predicted exchange rate fluctuations during August: the dollar exchange rate during the day can change several times within the range of 38-40 hryvnia. Okhrimenko also doubts that by the end of summer the rate will go beyond the “corridor” of 38-39 hryvnia.

    “Something big must happen for the dollar to fall significantly, for example, the US or the EU will give us a large amount, 10-20 billion at a time, then the dollar will seriously revalue,” the expert explains.

    As UNIAN reported, The National Bank lifted restrictions on setting the exchange rate from May 21at which authorized institutions can sell foreign currency in cash to customers – previously, the corresponding rate should not deviate from the official rate by more than 10%.

    July 21 NBU raised the official hryvnia exchange rate by 25% – up to UAH 36.57/USD Just a few hours after the decision of the National Bank to weaken the official hryvnia exchange rate, the cash rate went down sharply.

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