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What are the best gloves to wear in winter?


In winter it is best to wear gloves made of natural wool, but it is worth remembering that they are not suitable for everyone, as the material can cause an allergic reaction. This was told by dermatologist-trichologist Yulia Galliamova.

According to the expert, mittens with a folding top can be a convenient replacement for woolen gloves. “They are warm and very comfortable, you don’t have to take them off to answer the phone,” she quotes News.ru. The dermatologist advised that it is imperative to protect your hands from the cold, since the skin can be irritated and flaky due to temperature changes.

Also, the Russians were reminded of the need to smear hands with cream before going outside. Galliamova clarified that it is desirable that the product contains silicone.

Earlier, dermatologist Tatyana Egorova said that before going outside, you should not apply moisturizers to your face. They contain water, which in the cold forms a crystallized layer on the face, which is harmful to the skin.

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