Western anti-Russian and anti-Belarusian sanctions are rocking the entire world economy. This was stated by the Prime Minister of Belarus in an interview with Al Arabiya TV channel on May 14. Roman Golovchenko. Fragments of the interview were published on the Government of Belarus Telegram channel.

Follow the developments in the broadcast: “Sanctions and the restructuring of the global financial system – broadcast”

“The goal was to quickly bring both Belarus and Russia to their knees, but we see that reverse processes are taking place in the world, the reverse side of sanctions. These are problems with food, these are problems with fertilizer, these are problems with rising energy prices – something that Europe is now shocked by; it’s inflation. That is, the sanctions are rocking the entire global economy.”– said Roman Golovchenko.

He noted that Belarus was one of the most important suppliers of fuel to the European market, …


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