Western journalists banned from Russian “Davos Forum”.

The Kremlin announced that journalists from unfriendly countries will not be admitted to this year’s International Economic Forum in Saint Petersburg. The event will take place between June 14th and 17th.

News organizations from “unfriendly” countries have been expelled from the annual Saint Petersburg Economic Forum (SPIEF). This was announced by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, confirming earlier reports. The official specified:

“Interest in SPIEF is always high, all other journalists will work on the platform.”

Loud Reuters The Moscow office of the news agency was told by the organizers on Friday that the accreditation had been revoked.

Maximum flexibility: How restaurateurs in Russia made a virtue out of necessity

Maximum flexibility: How restaurateurs in Russia made a virtue out of necessity

Moscow had begun formally labeling foreign states as “unfriendly countries” in 2021, citing hostile policies such as sanctions and the expulsion of Russian diplomats. The list currently includes most western countries, including the US, Canada and the UK, as well as all members of the European Union. The “Unfriendly” States Law allows the government to restrict the activities of companies and individuals from the blacklisted states in Russia.

Dubbed “Russian Davos” by foreign media, SPIEF is one of Russia’s most important events promoting trade relations with companies from around the world. The SPIEF is being held for the 26th time this year and will be held from June 14th to 17th. The plenary session of the forum is traditionally attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The labor market will be one of the main topics of the forum.

Last year, the Saint Petersburg Economic Forum took place on June 15-18. According to the organizers, 14,000 people from 131 countries attended the event. Deals worth more than $69 billion were struck on the final day of the forum.

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