Western countries have promised another €1.5 billion of military assistance to Ukraine


The countries participating in the donor conference “Copenhagen-Ukraine-2022” promised to provide Ukraine with another €1.5 billion of military assistance, Danish Defense Minister Morten Bydskov said. It will include the transfer of money, the supply of weapons, demining and training of the military.

“We will continue to help Ukraine in its military needs,” Mr. Bydskov told reporters (quoted from Reuters).

The donor conference was attended by 26 countries, including Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Canada, USA, Finland, Japan and others. Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have declared their readiness to expand the production of weapons for Ukraine. The UK has pledged an additional €300m, which will also go towards multiple rocket launchers and M31A1 missiles, which can hit targets up to 80km away.

Western countries have been sending military aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian military operation, which has been carried out since February 24 on the orders of President Vladimir Putin. Moscow criticizes the provision of weapons to Kyiv. Thus, on August 9, Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said that the new US aid package “brings to a dangerous line of confrontation with the Russian Federation.”

About the situation in Ukraine – in the online broadcast “Kommersant”.


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