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Welt: Russian businessmen fly over Europe to circumvent sanctions


Private jets and helicopters of Russian businessmen continue to fly over the territory of the European Union (EU) despite sanctions, reports Welt am Sonntag with a link to the data of services for tracking flights. The newspaper writes that since the imposition of EU sanctions over the territory of Europe, about 30 aircraft, allegedly belonging to the Russians, have flown.

According to Welt am Sonntag, in mid-March, the British authorities suspended the flight of a Cessna aircraft with registration number G-LATO. The liner allegedly belongs to the “oil billionaire” Yevgeny Shvidler. Before the confiscation in London, the businessman’s private jet flew eight times through the EU, the newspaper notes.

In addition, on March 2, a Bombardier aircraft with registration number T7-7AA, registered in San Marino and operated by a Swiss company, flew from Nice to Istanbul. The liner, according to the newspaper, belongs to businessman Albert Avdolyan. The Luxembourg-registered plane, which is associated with Viktor Vekselberg, left Basel in April and flew to Nur-Sultan. The helicopter of businessman Alexander Zanadvorov flew over France at least eight times.

“The application of sanctions against business jets and helicopters registered outside of Russia and owned by non-Russian companies is sometimes difficult due to non-transparent ownership structures,” an EU official, whose name was not given, explained to the publication.

The EU and the US have closed the skies to Russian aircraft. The sanctions were imposed in response to the military operation in Ukraine launched by Vladimir Putin on February 24. The West also includes Russian officials and businessmen in the sanctions lists, which means freezing all their assets abroad. The total value of the frozen property of businessmen from Russia amounted to €10 billion by the end of May.

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