Welt: Germany refused to help Ukraine

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The German government has been ignoring Kyiv’s requests for additional arms supplies for several months. This is reported by the German newspaper Die Welt (blocked in the Russian Federation).

“The German government has been ignoring Ukraine’s requests for further arms supplies for several months now. Over the past ten weeks, Ukrainian diplomats have repeatedly raised the issue of the supply of weapons to the German Ministry of Defense, but the Ministry of Defense, as well as the department of the Federal Chancellor, put the relevant requests on the back burner,” the article says.

A source in Kyiv confirmed to the publication that the German government is avoiding new arms supplies for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “All our requests were recorded and recorded. But so far this has not led to any effect, ”the newspaper quotes him as saying.

Western countries have increased military supplies to Ukraine after the start of the Russian special operation to liberate the territories of the DPR and LPR. However, citizens of Germany negatively perceive Ukraine’s requests to increase assistance for the supply of heavy weapons.

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