Polish President Andrzej Duda did not find time to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her visit, which can be regarded by Berlin as an insult and evidence of a difficult relationship. This is stated in the article Die Welt.
The publication writes that Duda did not greet Merkel, although earlier the Chancellor’s office announced their planned meeting.

It is noted that Merkel had to revise her plans by the time she landed in Warsaw.

The article says that Polish media reported that Duda was supposed to attend commemorative events in Katowice in the south of the country on the day of Merkel’s visit.

According to journalists, this was Poland’s response to the fact that the German government did not invite the Polish prime minister to Berlin for government consultations in June.

The author of the article added that from the point of view of Germany, Duda’s refusal to accept Merkel is an insult and evidence of the difficult relations between the two countries.


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