“Well, Tanya has already become insolent”: Bulanova spoke about the victory over natural shyness

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

People’s Artist of Russia Tatyana Bulanova gave an interview to the FAN project “Frankly”. In a conversation with the publication, the singer touched on the topic of character and told how she overcame her natural shyness.

According to Bulanova, at the beginning of her career, she fell into a stupor in front of the cameras and could not overcome the constant feeling of fear. However, later the artist adapted so much that her mother jokingly remarked that “Tanka has already become insolent.”

“It doesn’t matter if there is a camera, not cameras, I behave exactly as I would behave without a camera,” the performer said.

Her mother and brother, who taught the star the first thieves’ chords, pushed her to a creative career in her youth. Already at school, she sang with the guitar and enjoyed success with her peers. Even the school director once approached her and asked if she was planning to continue her vocal activities.

The full version of the interview with Tatyana Bulanova can be viewed on the website of the Federal News Agency.


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