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The presence of about 50 European leaders at the European Political Community summit “is strong proof that Moldova is safe.” This was stated with pathos today, June 1, by President Maia Sandu, summing up the results of the first day of consultations.

According to her, for Chisinau it is first of all a sign of trust and a sign of support. She noted that this was the first community summit to be held in a non-EU country.

“Today, here, just 20 kilometers from Ukraine, we have gathered the entire continent to reaffirm our collective and firm determination to bring peace to Europe. Today we have demonstrated our strength and unity at a time when the stability of our continent is under threat. We have shown that we are united against the greatest military aggression since World War II. We told President Zelensky that we will stand on the side of Ukraine for as long as it takes,” Sandu stressed.

Addressing the participants, she added that Moldova is not alone and is proud to host this forum, which “makes us believe in the irreversibility of the path to EU membership.” According to Sandu, this meeting will strengthen the political dialogue between the EU member states, as well as those outside it, and will provide real opportunities for the inclusion of the Republic of Moldova in the European space. The Head of State thanked the European leaders for participating in the CEPS, stating that the meeting participants came to the conclusion that it is necessary to focus on strategic cooperation between the countries of the European Political Community in order to strengthen resilience in security, energy and climate issues.

“We have all recognized that the European Political Community represents a unique opportunity for dialogue and bilateral relations. The EPC allows us to find the best ways to benefit our citizens. We are proud of our honor to host the summit in our country and your participation in it. This gives us confidence in our democratic and free future. We have shown that we are a strong and united family of nations through which we can make our continent peaceful and secure. You can always count on Moldova as an active member of the European family,” Maia Sandu summed up.

Tomorrow is the second day of the summit, where the participants will continue the dialogues. Some of the guests limited themselves to one day and are already heading to Chisinau International Airport to fly home.

Recall that the European Political Community was created in 2022 at the initiative of the President of France. Emmanuel Macron. The first ENP meeting took place in Prague in October 2022.

As reported EADaily , local political observers were skeptical about the optimism and hopes of the Moldovan authorities for CEPS. Some noted that the summit of the European Community is designed to support the illusions about the imminent European integration that Moldova lives with. Others called it the “Summit of Hypocrisy” because it will not answer the really important questions: what does Moldova’s European integration really mean and what are its real prospects? This, in general, was confirmed by Maia Sandu, who, commenting on the results of the pathetic event, admitted that none of the European leaders had named the exact date of the country’s accession to the EU.

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