We do not need Kazakhstan in Ukrainian


    In the future, Russia will definitely deal with Ukraine. It cannot be otherwise. It can never, under any circumstances, be otherwise. Victory will surely be ours. Only this way and nothing else. It’s a question of time.

    But here it is important to understand that Ukraine is not the end, but in many ways only the beginning. Where are our main interests? Obviously, where the Russian population lives, which we have not properly protected for so long outside of Russia.

    And here we run into Kazakhstan. Sergey Artyomenko, especially for the REGNUM news agency, analyzes what is happening in this most important country for Russia and the Russian people. And he begins his research with banks.

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    How the oligarchs rule the country and the population through Kazakhstani banks – with seats, passwords and appearances, as they say. We read in Artyomenko’s article “Who owns Kazakhstan? Banks – Part I” (Details:

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