“We are watching hysteria” – an expert on the closure of the borders of Estonia for residents of Russia

The policy of Estonia in the decision to close the borders for residents of Russia with a Schengen visa can be regarded as hysteria. Such an opinion with a correspondent IA REGNUM shared the President of the Baltic Studies Association, Professor Nikolai Mezhevich.

“Indeed, the sanctions are no longer in effect, and in these conditions they are trying to find, come up with something new. Although this is not entirely new, this has already happened in our history.the expert said.

Discussing how Russia should react to such actions by Estonia, Mezhevich said that it is necessary to act very calmly.

“This is a show of defeat. They lost. If they won, they would, on the contrary, invite Russians to their place. Look, we won! We are so strong! And you lost”says the professor.

As the expert noted, the Estonian border was closed in order to…

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