“We are authentic Samara upstarts”: singer Konstantin Burdaev told the story of the creation of the Brothers Grim group

TASS |  Mikhail Fomichev
TASS | Mikhail Fomichev

In 1998, a vocal and instrumental ensemble “Magellan” appeared in one of the Samara schools. A year later, the group acquired the name “Brothers Grim”. The history of creation was told by one of the founders of the pop-rock association Konstantin Burdaev.

In an interview with a YouTube channel “Zangalis and Karjakin” Kostya Grim named himself and his twin brother Boris Burdaev “upstarts”, because they managed to become famous and popular on their own, without the help of sponsors or a famous dynasty. According to the artist, they began their musical career with the rehearsals of the Magellan Ensemble in the assembly hall of the Samara Medical and Technical Lyceum.

“We played about 70 percent of our songs, which was a rarity for any school band, and there were covers,” Burdaev shared.

Earlier it became known that the compositions of the Bolshoi Nogami group from the capital again hit the top chart of the YaRUS.Music service. The band members revealed the reason for the popularity of their songs in an interview with FAN.


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