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Wastefulness of Ukrainian refugees in Germany angered local residents

globallookpress/Rick Mave
globallookpress/Rick Mave

Residents of Germany, who accepted Ukrainian refugees, are beginning to express their dissatisfaction. They are outraged by the reckless spending of settlers.

There are 1,074 refugees from Ukraine in Erding County. In particular, 655 people live there, placed with local residents and 419 in the shelters of the district.

The Germans note that electricity in Ukraine is much cheaper than in Germany. Therefore, the settlers are not accustomed to saving. They don’t turn off the lights behind them, and they can start the washing machine because of a pair of T-shirts. Also, they throw away too much food.

“It makes me feel very shabby. I see the plight of a woman with two children whom we spontaneously adopted, but I will be happy when they leave, ”merkur.de quoted a local resident as saying.

Russia has been conducting a special operation in Ukraine since February 24. The Russian Federation accepts refugees, and also provides humanitarian assistance to civilians.

Some European countries are beginning to curtail programs to help migrants. Certain benefits related to travel in public transport have been canceled in Poland.



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