Washington Sends Soldiers to Crush Backyard Protests – EADaily, May 27, 2023 – Politics News, US News

The United States is preparing a military-police operation in Peru. It is reported by Nation World News.

Washington intends to send 700 of its soldiers to this Latin American country to suppress protests that have been raging for six months after the removal from power and arrest of the leftist president Pedro Castillo. In the White House, of course, this is called a support mission.

Pedro Castillo came to the presidency in 2021 on a wave of populism, promising to defend the interests of ordinary Peruvians against the corrupt elite. The “president of the lower classes” was demonized in every possible way by the conservative opposition, comparing him with the Venezuelan Hugo Chavez and Cuban Fidel Castro. Castillo survived two impeachment attempts, but in the end, the legally elected president was overthrown, transferring control to the army, a political scientist writes about this Malek Dudakov.

“Since last year, the country has been covered by a wave of protests from Castillo supporters,” he notes. “The police and the military are trying unsuccessfully to suppress them. For all the time of the clashes, under 70 demonstrators were killed. But things seem to be getting out of control. Therefore, now the military from the United States will be sent to help the local army – with an unseemly mission to put an end to the protests.

Castillo is not tolerated in Washington. Perhaps also because Peru is Beijing’s most important trading partner. Now in one of the corners of Uncle Sam’s backyard, China’s first deep-water port is being built in the region, which will allow China to take control of the main trade routes from Latin America. As for Peru’s neighbors, leftist Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela and Mexico, on the contrary, consider Castillo the legitimate president.

“There are large deposits of lithium in Peru, without which the“ green revolution ”in the West is impossible. Therefore, the United States has to rely on a military junta in order to maintain control over Peru. But in a situation where Latin America is rapidly moving to the left, and China has long surpassed the United States in terms of trade, it will be increasingly difficult for Washington to maintain its position with the help of brute force and bayonets, ” the political scientist predicts.

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