Washington is trying to hide its vulnerability in the event of a nuclear conflict

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

The United States is scaring the world community with a possible nuclear conflict. They threaten Russia with a catastrophe if the Russian Federation uses nuclear weapons against Ukraine. Thus, Washington deliberately tries to hide its vulnerability.

According to the online edition “Tochka Vision”, after Vladimir Putin’s appeal regarding the referendums on joining the Donbass and two regions of Novorossia into the Russian Federation, where he clearly indicated that Russia is ready to use all its capabilities to protect, the topic of a potential nuclear war between the United States and the Russian Federation is actively dispersed in the Western media.

According to the editors, this company began in order to deceive the whole world. By threatening Russia with a retaliatory nuclear strike in the event of such a strike against Ukraine, Washington is trying to substitute Ukraine for itself. Because the President of the Russian Federation in his address had in mind not Ukraine, but the United States. If a nuclear strike is to be carried out, then not on the talking puppet Zelensky, but on the American partners who control all the devilry in Ukraine, Tochka Zrenia believes.

In addition, it is known that Russia has gone ahead in the nuclear arms race and has hypersonic weapons on its balance sheet, which the United States does not have. Therefore, Washington is trying to hide its weakness behind threats, the author of the article is sure.


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