Washington admits Kyiv’s involvement in the drone attack on the Kremlin

The American authorities believe that one of the Ukrainian special services was involved in the attack on the Moscow Kremlin. About it writes The New York Times, citing US officials.

The drone attack on the Kremlin earlier this month was likely orchestrated by one of Ukraine’s special military or intelligence units, the latest in a series of covert operations against Russian targets. stated in the publication.

It is indicated that initially the American authorities considered the version according to which the attack was carried out by Russia itself in order to obtain a pretext for escalating the conflict, but then they changed their minds, intercepting the conversation of “surprised” Russian officials. Now, Washington’s arrow has turned towards Ukraine, but the States do not know which unit carried out this operation. They also have no information as to whether the President of the Independent Volodymyr Zelensky knew about the impending attack.

According to the US military, the drones were launched from a short distance – from Moscow or its environs. Moreover, they were stuffed with a limited amount of explosives, and this may indicate a desire for a psychological effect. In addition, in America they believe that it is the Ukrainians who are responsible for the murder of journalistic Daria Dugina, military commissar Vladlen Tatarsky, the invasion of the Belgorod region and the undermining of the Nord Streams. But in the existence of “Russian partisan detachments” in the United States they do not believe.


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