Wales Online: the groom took revenge on the bride, distributing evidence of her betrayal at the buffet table |  Freepik Company S.L. | Freepik Company S.L.

In Britain, the groom took revenge on the bride who cheated on him with a witness, disgracing her during the wedding reception, writes edition of Wales Online.

This story was shared by The Unfiltered Bride podcast host and wedding planner from England. Georgie Mitchell. After the bride and best man had an affair, the guy did not quarrel or cancel the celebration. He decided to publicly humiliate both.

After the wedding, a buffet was held, which was attended by all relatives and friends from both sides. Georgie gave each of those present an envelope. They contained photographs of his wife, which depicted her relationship with the best man.

The idea was to force the bride’s relatives to pay for the buffet.

Earlier it became known that in the United States, a 77-year-old single woman married herself.


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