WADA declares Russia the leader in doping violations in 2020

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The Russian Federation was the leader in the anti-rating of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in terms of the number of doping violations in 2020. According to the organization, domestic athletes were caught 135 times bypassing the rules, as reported in their report.

“The largest number of doping violations was recorded in the Russian Federation, where athletes were accused 135 times,” the report says. documentpublished by WADA. According to their information, among Russian athletes, a greater number of violations were noticed in athletics, where there were 40 such situations, and in powerlifting with 17 moments of fraud.

The next largest number of violations was India and the United States, where 59 and 57 such cases were recorded. Ukraine is located on the fifth line with 39 moments of doping fraud.

Earlier it became known that Russia was suspended from participating in international sports competitions due to the situation in Ukraine. The Russian Federation will also not be able to participate in the Paralympic Games-2022, transferred to “Reedus”. Earlier, URA.RU reported that suspended athletes from Russia would continue to be tested for doping. This recommendation was made by WADA, where they pointed to their own risk assessments and plans. The Russian Anti-Doping Organization accepted this proposal.


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