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Vučić “dotted it rationally” — EADaily, June 14, 2022 — Politics, Europe News


Euroskepticism in Serbia continues to grow daily, but Serbia must “dot it rationally” – without Europe, it cannot survive. This was announced today, June 14, to journalists by Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, assuring that the country is moving “on an absolutely European path.”

“Euroscepticism in Serbia is growing every day, the day before yesterday I received the latest results of social studies. On this issue, we must dot it rationally. Can we do without Europe, without their investments? I think no. Are we happy emotionally because of all their statements about Kosovo and Metohija first of all, or because of the pressure on Serbia because of foreign policy? No. But we must be reasonable enough so that our emotions do not prevail over a rational approach, and pursue a policy that corresponds to our real interests and capabilities, ”he said.

“The president is elected for five years, the government will soon be elected for four years, we will have a policy that is legitimate for the people, and in fact, both strategically and absolutely on the European path,” the Serbian president assured.

Recall: Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Montenegro are now official candidates for EU membership. Turkey has been the longest negotiator of EU membership since 2005. In the near future, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova hope to receive the status of a candidate for EU accession. There are no fixed deadlines for the admission of any of these countries.

In April, the director of the sociological center Ipsps in Serbia, Marko Uljarevic, announced the results of a closed public opinion poll, indicating that the level of support for EU accession is declining in the republic. At the moment, 34.9% of respondents are in favor of this, and 43.8% are against it. According to the director of the company, this is due to pressure from the West and the requirement to impose sanctions against Russia.


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