Vucic does not hope for the effectiveness of negotiations with the prime minister of unrecognized Kosovo


Negotiations with the Prime Minister of the unrecognized Kosovo Albin Kurti, which are to be held in Brussels on August 18, are unlikely to bring results. This was stated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić during a press conference, the national TV channel RTS reports.

“On August 18, a dialogue without an agenda should be held with the Prime Minister of Provisional Institutions in Pristina, Albin Kurti. I am very skeptical about the possibility of achieving any results, since it is enough to read his statements and the statement of his entourage to understand that they do not want a compromise,” Vučić said.

According to him, the Kosovo authorities are trying to impose their will, realizing that they are supported by the leading countries of the West, while they absolutely do not care what the Serbian people who live in Kosovo and Metohija say about it, and they are even less concerned about the opinion of Belgrade. “I don’t understand why dialogue is needed at all, if this is so?” Vucic asked.

He also dwelled on the calls of the Westerners to discuss the possibility of creating a Community of Serbian Municipalities in the North of the autonomy in accordance with the “constitution of Kosovo”, calling them “a stupid joke.”

“If something should be in accordance with the “constitution of Kosovo,” then why did we even negotiate and sign the Brussels agreements, what do we care what is written in some of their constitutions, which we do not recognize,” the Serbian leader stated.

He also addressed the Western curators of Pristina, emphasizing that he goes to negotiations with good will and readiness to discuss any issues. At the same time, he urged them not to try to force the Serbs to give up their legal rights and participate in the destruction of their own country and the agreements signed by Belgrade.

The situation in Kosovo escalated sharply on the evening of July 31 due to the decision of the Pristina authorities to close the checkpoint on the administrative line with central Serbia in order to implement the ban on entry into the autonomy on Serbian documents from August 1. In response, the Kosovo Serbs went to mass demonstrations, and also barricaded the main exit highways.

In settlements in the north of the region sounded air raid alarms. In turn, the authorities of the unrecognized Kosovo sent to the bridge on the Ibar River, which conditionally divides the city of Kosovska Mitrovica into Albanian and Serbian parts, numerous police forces, as well as ROSU special forces. Representatives of the International Security Forces in Kosovo (KFOR), operating under the auspices of NATO, were pulled into the escalation zone.

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After a meeting between President of Kosovo Vyosa Osmani and Prime Minister of the unrecognized entity Albin Kurti with US Ambassador to Pristina Jeff Hovenier, the Kosovo authorities decided to postpone the ban on Serbian documents until September 1, subject to the unblocking of traffic in the north of Kosovo and the removal of previously erected barricades.

On February 17, 2008, the Interim Administration of Kosovo, with the support of the United States and a number of EU countries, unilaterally declared independence from Serbia, which continues to consider the autonomy its own territory.

Since 2011, negotiations have been underway between Belgrade and Pristina to normalize relations. Washington and Brussels insist on this as the main condition for Serbia’s entry into the European Union. In 2013, the parties signed the Brussels Agreements, which, among other things, provide for the creation of a Community of Serbian Municipalities of Kosovo on the territory of the autonomy. However, despite the agreements reached, this provision has not yet been implemented by Pristina.


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