Vučić commented on the possibility of Serbia imposing sanctions against Russia

Serbia will not accept anti-Russian sanctions as long as it can pursue an independent policy. This was announced on May 23 by President of the Republic Alexander Vučić.

“Serbia is the only country that has not imposed sanctions on Russia. Serbia is the only country that pursues an independent and independent policy. I never swore, but as long as we can pursue an independent, independent and sovereign policy, we will do it. When we can no longer act in this way, I will inform the citizens about this, but we have been able to stick to our position for the past year and three months,” he said in an interview with the RTS television channel.

Earlier, Vucic said that upon arrival in the country, Western representatives begin the conversation not with a greeting, but with calls for anti-Russian sanctions. He added that he wishes “all the best” in response to such calls, emphasizing that he understood the essence of the proposal.

On April 28, the Foreign Policy Committee of the European Parliament adopted the report of the MEP Vladimir Bilchik on Serbia for 2022, in which he, in particular, criticized Serbia’s unwillingness to impose sanctions against Russia. Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko stated that the report of the MEP is an interference in the internal affairs of the republic.

On April 20, Vucic said that the conflict in Ukraine showed the whole world the hypocrisy of the West. NATO officials regularly call on Serbia to become part of the alliance, as they believe Russia will put everyone at risk, he added.

On April 19, Vučić said that Belgrade was striving to remain neutral, despite Sweden’s demand to impose sanctions against Russia and align its foreign policy with that of Europe. At the same time, in early April, the Serbian leader said that the country’s authorities are trying to maintain their neutrality with respect to the West and Russia, but do not guarantee that this will be supported.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Dacic On March 26, he pointed out that Western countries unfairly demand that Belgrade impose sanctions against Russia, but at the same time they themselves increase trade with the Russian Federation.

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