VTB reported a new fraud scheme involving calls based on advertisements – Kommersant

Telephone scammers have begun to use a new scheme involving calls through platform applications for publishing advertisements. Attackers inspire trust in their victims because they call from a familiar service, according to a press release on the website VTB.

As stated in the material, the scammer offers to immediately transfer money for the goods from the ad and asks for a bank card number. Then the attacker tries to gain access to the personal account of the victim’s bank – for this, VTB added, he “talks” the seller and asks him to name the code from the message.

A few days later, the scammer’s accomplice calls the owner of the ad on behalf of the bank and asks about suspicious cases that are associated with the transfer of money. After this, the attackers offer to “save” the funds using a “safe” account, after which they disappear with the stolen money.

VTB noted that all transactions on marketplaces or classifieds sites “must be carried out in a secure manner” within these resources. The bank also reminded that strangers should not be given banking information, including account or card numbers and one-time codes.

Petr Buzlaev

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