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Vrat kept for husband’s long life, took selfie… then obscene pictures with ‘him’ were seen in the gallery

High profile drama was seen between wife and wife after the Kanpur Vat Vriksha Puja. After the puja, the wife took a selfie with her husband. After this, going to the photo gallery, she saw an objectionable photo of her husband with a woman. After this the wife’s anger broke out on the husband.

Vat tree was worshiped on Thursday, on the occasion of this holy festival, women keep a fast for the long life of their husband. On this occasion in Kanpur, high profile drama was seen between a husband and wife. A woman returned home after worshiping Vat Vaksh and insisted on taking selfie with her husband. The husband also agreed to take a selfie with the wife. The wife took a selfie with her husband and then went to the photo gallery to see the photo. Meanwhile, seeing the husband in an objectionable condition with another woman, the anger of the wife reached the seventh heaven.

The wife got angry after seeing the objectionable photo of her husband. He picked up the plate of worship and threw it, the house turned into a battlefield. At first the wife created a lot of ruckus in the house. After this the wife grabbed the husband’s hand and dragged him to the Mandhana post. Where high profile drama was seen.

Selfie opened the pole
A young man living in the Mandhana outpost area located in the Bithur police station area drives a factory bus. The young man’s wife also works in the same factory. The selfie taken after the worship of the Vat tree exposed the husband. The wife, who was furious at the husband, also created a ruckus in the outpost, showed her husband’s obscene photo to the police personnel, and started demanding legal action.

apologized by holding feet
The young man kept trying to convince his wife. He kept pleading with folded hands in front of the wife, but the wife remained adamant. When the husband apologized by holding the wife’s feet, then the wife’s anger subsided. Outpost in-charge Matim Khan told that a settlement has been reached between the couple, both have been sent home after explaining.


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