Volunteers prepared for school children from Donbass, who became disabled and orphans due to the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Representatives of the Council of Bloggers under the Federation Council of the Russian Federation went to Donbass, where they personally presented the children with things that they will need in the near future and in the new academic year. The humanitarian cargo was bought with funds raised by the Russians – subscribers of the “Returning Childhood” collection. About it on Thursday reported on the website of the All-Russian People’s Front.

The collected 10 million rubles were used to buy backpacks, stationery, clothes, shoes and other things for the children of the DPR and LPR. The press service of the ONF noted that 1,300 disabled children and those children whose parents died defending the freedom of the republics became the recipients.

Before leaving for the DPR, the bloggers arrived in Novocherkassk, where they visited the Kovaleva-Kolomoets family orphanage. The guys, who are already familiar with the assistants from the Popular Front, greeted the guests with hugs and vied with each other to show off their achievements.

“The children were really looking forward to the arrival of well-known bloggers. Communication is excellent, I assumed it would be so, because when people have a kind heart, it will be kind in everything,” said the head of the orphanage Lidia Kovaleva.

In Donetsk, bloggers delivered the cargo directly to the homes where the wards of the Helping Hand Foundation, who asked for support for children, live, and also visited the city’s family orphanage.

“Children have seen so much pain. They really are children of war,” said activist Daria Stabetskaya, who was among those who handed over gifts to children.

Other project participants include First Vice-Mrs. of the Russian Federation Ekaterina Velichkina, President of the Paritet Association Yulia Dubinina, writer Anzhela Polezhaeva, Editor-in-Chief of Expert_RF Kristina Malomyzheva and other public figures.


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