Volunteer Krygina spoke about the problem of water supply in Donetsk due to the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

The problem with Donetsk’s water supply, which has become especially urgent in the hot season, has not yet been resolved. Volunteer Olga Krygina named the reason for this on the air of the Patriot Media Group.

The genocide of the civilian population of the DPR does not stop for a minute, the volunteer noted. After the repair of the filtering station is completed, the water supply has to be stopped due to shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Compared to the spring period, the water situation in Donetsk is now deteriorating, Krygina noted.

“Well, unfortunately, the genocide of the civilian population continues and has not stopped for a minute. The fact is that after the repair of the filter station is completed, what actually happens? That is, literally launching the filtering station, shelling starts again and the supply of drinking water stops,” the volunteer emphasized on the air of the Patriot Media Group.

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

While Mariupol was under the control of Ukraine, Kyiv was forced to supply water to the republics of Donbass. However, after the liberation of the city, Ukraine stopped the water supply. The situation is aggravated by the “Petal” mines scattered around Donetsk. Because of this, people have a choice – either life or water.

“And water is life, that is, it is practically possible to put an equal sign between drinking water and the life of the civilian population. We are not yet talking about hospitals, nursing homes, because, naturally, those who are at a disadvantage in terms of their health suffer even more, ”Krygina emphasized.

Only thanks to the daily heroism of municipal workers, power engineers, doctors, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the military of the Republic of Donbass are still alive. Volunteers continue to supply medicines, drinking water and food to the DPR and LPR. At the moment, cars are ready to be sent to Donbass with medical supplies, hygiene products, as well as things for children and the elderly, the volunteer shared.


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