Volodymyr Dzhabarov: Zelensky trades the lives of Ukrainian people, exchanging them for Western weapons


Volodymyr Dzhabarov, deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, is sure that Volodymyr Zelensky is trading in the lives of Ukrainian people, exchanging them for Western weapons. The senator stated this during a video interview at the press center of the Parliamentary Newspaper.

Other topics of discussion:

– How realistic is the transfer of combat aircraft to Ukraine after the tanks? About tanks, too, at first they said that they would not be.

– Poroshenko said that the Minsk agreements allowed Ukraine to rebuild the army. Why did the “agreements” work so effectively against Russia, and how can the words of the ex-president be regarded?

– The EU actively supports the media, which in Russia are called foreign agents, because, according to Brussels, “they tell the truth.” How can Russia withstand this information war?

– American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh said that Nord Stream undermined the United States together with Norway. How can this statement affect the foreign policy situation?

– The news about a Ukrainian drone that crashed near Kaluga, 150 kilometers from Moscow, made a lot of noise. How can it be evaluated? Should we be concerned about the security of our own borders?

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