Volochkova cannot receive 8 million rubles from the Astrakhan company, even by a court decision

Anatoly Lomokhov/Global Look Press
Anatoly Lomokhov/Global Look Press

Anastasia Volochkova complained about the negligence of the bailiffs, who will not take up the execution of the court decision, according to which the Astrakhan company must pay her 8 million rubles in compensation.

The trial took place in June. Since then, Volochkova has been patiently waiting for the Sails company, owned by her ex-husband Igor Vdovin, to start paying her compensation in the amount of 8 million rubles, according to the online publication. “Astrakhan.ru”.

She managed to sue this money for refusing to return the borrowed 3 million. Vdovin promised to invest these funds in the construction of an elite residential complex on the banks of the Volga, but instead withdrew them to the accounts of offshore companies. The court granted the ballerina’s claim, but the company is in no hurry to return the money.

According to Volochkova, the writ of execution entered the bailiff service on June 9, and two months have already passed for the execution of the requirements. The ballerina even suggested that the representative of the Astrakhan UFSSP was in cahoots with the developer.


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