Vladimir Putin’s hands turn purple during a meeting with Cuban president

Reports over the well being of Russian President Vladimir Putin have surfaced after he met with a Cuban chief. According to a number of English dailies, Putin gave the impression to be clutching his chair with purple hands during the meeting with the Cuban head of state, Miguel Díaz-Canel y Bermúdez.

A video printed on the Kremlin’s web site confirmed Putin and the Cuban chief delivering speeches on the unveiling of a monument to Cuban revolutionary chief Fidel Castro in Moscow.

But within the video, Putin could be seen wanting uncomfortable and tightly gripping with his hand a chair.

Putin’s hand color modified to [purple and he gave an overall shrunken appearance while his face looked bloated and palid.

In previously published clips, Putin was continually moving his legs and some reports stated it could be due to cancer.

According to the Mirror report, the Russian opposition Telegram channel General SVR claimed that Putin is suffering multiple serious illnesses, and the 70-year-old’s health has become even worse due to “stress” caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The channel also claimed that ” Putin has left himself in a blind corner and he will go into self-isolation mode next year”.

It said: “The president’s health, which, against the backdrop of constant stress, is increasingly causing concern for doctors and Putin’s relatives.

Recently, Sky News also claimed the poor health condition of the Kremlin leader. Photos showed strange marks and colours on his hands.

According to social media users, they could see intravenous (IV) track marks on Putin’s hands, said a retired British army officer and member of the House of Lords Richard Danatt to Sky News, suspecting that the Russian president’s health may not be good.

“Keen observers now are noticing that his hands are looking pretty black on top, which is a sign of injections going in when other parts of the body can’t take injections,” Lord Dannatt told Sky News.

A few months ago, a US intelligence report suggested that Putin may be suffering from an “advanced form of cancer”.

Besides, some reports said that the Russian President survived an assassination attempt in March this year.

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