“Vladimir Putin has made us, Latvia, stronger!” – Prime Minister of Latvia

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia, Krisjanis Karins, following the German chancellor, began to believe that the efforts of the Russian president in Ukraine led to the rallying of the Western allies, writes today, May 29, the Riga online publication Press.

In particular, the chairman of the Latvian government issued:

Vladimir Putin made us, Latvia, and the entire NATO stronger!”

Developing the thesis, Karins emphasized: the countries of the EU and the alliance have rallied, drawn closer, become more open to each other, received a new vitality. The prime minister assured allies and partners that Latvia is ready to support Kyiv as long as necessary and until the conflict stops. Karins has a plan for “after the victory”: Ukraine should become a member of NATO so that Europe does not have to pay the price, as it pays for not responding properly to Russia’s behavior in 2014.

As previously reported EADaily at a meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the prime ministers of the three Baltic countries called for the revival of Germany’s leadership in the continent.

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