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Restaurateur Arkady Novikov said that after security at the Magadan restaurant did not let in a Russian officer in uniform who came to his mother’s birthday party, he wanted to “personally apologize for the stupidity of the staff,” but the serviceman’s parents did not answer the calls.

“I called the woman several times, I wanted to personally apologize for the stupidity of the staff, but no one answered! It’s unfortunate that all this happened.” Novikov laments.

When asked by the publication if the employees tried to apologize for their actions, he replied: “It’s too late!”.

“Today I was informed that everyone was fired, an order for dismissal was taken to the prosecutor’s office, the termination of the contract with the individual entrepreneur by the organizer of the event, a video of the director’s apology to the woman,” added the restaurateur.

According to Gazeta.ru, State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein contacted the co-owner of the restaurant Arkady Novikov, who is “deeply outraged by what happened.”

“We will try our best to make this unpleasant incident forgotten as soon as possible. Russian servicemen are always welcome guests in our establishments”, Khinshtein quoted Novikov.

The incident in Magadan on August 17 was first reported by the REN TV channel. Correspondents contacted an officer of the Aerospace Forces, who told how, at the entrance to the restaurant, the guards told him that there was no place for people in uniform, and “as a solution to the problem, they offered to go from the back entrance, bypassing the flower bed and bushes for this.”

The military’s mother then wrote a statement to the prosecutor’s office, noting that a simple apology from the staff was not enough for her.

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