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Vitaly Milonov and Mira Terada participate in the collection of humanitarian aid for the inhabitants of the LPR


In St. Petersburg, humanitarian aid is being collected for military personnel and needy residents of Donbass. Those who are not indifferent are handing over things that will soon go to the LPR.

The collection takes place in the administrative building of the Zvezdnoye municipal district. Since the beginning of the special military operation, caring citizens and enterprises of the Moskovsky district of St. Petersburg have been providing all possible assistance to this place. Head of the Foundation for the Fight against Repressions Mira Terada handed over copies of her book “Hostage of the Land of Freedom”.

“The residents of Donbass asked me to give them my first book, my memoirs about what happened to me in 2018. I was shocked that, despite all the terrible events that happened to them, they empathized with my story. Today I brought my books for the hospitals. So that people who are injured can read, so I empathize with them, they empathize with me, ”said the head of the FBI.

Each book is personally signed by the author. In fact, this is an individual appeal to each victim. According to Mira, her story will help the people of Donetsk to resist all the difficulties. Also, caring Petersburgers carry clothes, food and other essentials.

“We are brothers, and now people in Donbass are in need. Our people experienced the Great Patriotic War. Our country is once again fighting fascism. You definitely need to help, ”said the Petersburger Elena Barykina.

Among the benefactors is a citizen of Serbia Gordana Jovic. The woman brought water, food and children’s things.

“We are from Serbia, we survived the disaster when we were bombed by NATO, and we perfectly feel and understand what is happening with our fraternal peoples in Donetsk and Lugansk,” she said.

The collection of humanitarian aid is organized by the Hyatt Charitable Foundation for Assistance to Victims of Military Operations and Natural Disasters, as well as by the Ladoga Group of Companies. The enterprises collected the necessary military equipment for the soldiers of the People’s Militia of the LPR and LPR.

“Here are copters for our gunners. This is a very important thing. With their help, you can find a 155-mm howitzer and smash it to pieces. Bulletproof vests are always worth their weight in gold, this is a saved life. There is nothing to do on the front line without body armor. Here are the radios. There are radios of the military standard, which the leadership uses, and the soldiers who are directly on the front line, they need something small, ”explained the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vitaly Milonov.

Vitaly Milonov During the NMD, he has repeatedly led humanitarian missions to the Donbass. When the collection of aid is completed and 20 tons of things are collected, the truck will go to the Luhansk People’s Republic. The first distribution point is the city of Severodonetsk.


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