Visitors to the new building of the Tretyakov Gallery will have a panoramic view of the Kadashevskaya embankment

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A large illuminated atrium with a panoramic view is being built in the new building of the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. A skylight was chosen as the main architectural solution.

Press service of the “Single Customer” in the field of construction /

“A feature of the architectural solution is the skylight, which forms a large light atrium of the new building of the Tretyakov Gallery. At present, the builders have begun work on its glazing,” the press service of the customer, who controls the implementation of the project, said.

The design of the anti-aircraft lantern is such that visitors to the Tretyakov Gallery will be able to admire the panoramic view that opens up on Kadashevskaya Embankment. For the installation of the lantern, a post-transom system with a slope of no more than two degrees is used, which has a solution for draining condensate through rubber seals.

The area of ​​the atrium will be over 2.7 thousand square meters. The work is scheduled to be completed in 2024. Currently, finishing and electrical work, installation of heating systems are being carried out. Then the latest multimedia equipment will be installed here. The facade of the new building of the museum from the side of Bolshoi Tolmachevsky Lane will be made of translucent stained glass structures. From the side of Kadashevskaya embankment and Lavrushinsky lane, architectural lighting was installed. Outside, the building was decorated with reproductions of paintings by Viktor Vasnetsov, Ivan Shishkin, Alexei Savrasov, Ivan Kramskoy and other Russian artists. A total of 34 paintings in wide frames will be placed. Inside, exposition and exhibition spaces, restoration workshops for painting, graphics, sculpture, as well as a scientific photo archive will be equipped.

The new modern building of the Tretyakov Gallery will be opened for residents and guests of the capital in 2024, according to the website of the mayor and the government of Moscow.

Formerly online edition “Teacher’s newspaper” informedo that the Tretyakov Gallery entered the TOP-10 popular museums in the world. From the Tretyakov Gallery taken out for the first time the famous icon of Andrey Rublev “Trinity”.

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