Vinnik appeared before the American court


    US Department of Justice: Russian Vinnik appeared in court for the first time after extradition

    Russian Alexander Vinnik, who was accused in the United States of being involved in the laundering of billions of dollars using cryptocurrencies, appeared before an American court for the first time. This was reported Ministry of Justice countries.

    The Vinnik case was heard in federal court in San Francisco, California. His details were not disclosed in the department.

    Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite Jr. noted that the Russian was extradited to the United States “after more than five years of proceedings.” They want to prosecute him “for managing BTC-e, a criminal cryptocurrency exchange”, with the help of which more than four billion dollars were laundered.

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    The US Department of Justice thanked colleagues from Greece “for all efforts to ensure the transfer of the accused to the United States.”

    If Vinnik is found guilty, he faces a virtual life sentence: they want to send the 42-year-old Russian to prison for 55 years.

    After the extradition of Vinnik, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that “they will do everything possible to protect his legitimate rights and interests.” The official representative of the department, Maria Zakharova, stressed that Greece extradited the Russian under pressure from the United States.

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