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Video: Bribes, slaps and abuses… War in Bolivia’s Parliament, women MPs also created a ruckus

A clash broke out in the Bolivian parliament during a debate over the arrest of a former president. The ruling party and the opposition MPs lashed out at each other. The women MPs who came to intervene also pulled each other’s hair and beat them up.

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Leaders of the party and opposition clashed during an ongoing debate in the parliament of the South American country of Bolivia over the detention of a former president. A fierce fight broke out between the leaders of both the sides. It is not that only male MPs were involved in this ruckus inside the Parliament. There was also a scuffle between women MPs of both the parties. These women leaders pulled each other’s hair and threw punches. Later, the security personnel of the Parliament and senior leaders of both the parties intervened to pacify the matter.

The fight started after the argument
In fact, on Tuesday, when the Bolivian Parliament was going on a debate regarding the detention of former interim President Jeanine Aez. During this, a debate broke out between the opposition politician Henri Monteiro and the ruling socialist MAS party member Antonio Colque. Soon these two leaders left their seats and came to the middle of the Parliament and started fighting.

Women MPs also pulled each other’s hair
Seeing both the leaders scuffle inside the Parliament, other leaders also reached there. But, they clashed on their own while rescuing each other. During this, women MPs also started beating. The video of this incident is also becoming very viral. The names of the women fighting leaders are Tatiana Anez de Cremos and Maria Alanoka.

what was being debated about
Former Bolivian President Jeanine Aez was arrested in March. Opposition parties were angry about his arrest. After which there was a debate in Parliament whether Jeanine Anez had fraudulently in the elections and headed a provisional government. He is also accused of having attempted a coup to overthrow former President Evo Morales.

Jeanine Anez was arrested in March
After the fight, Antonio Kolke, a member of the ruling Samajwadi MAS party, said that they had caught me. They were pulling me from behind. We will never allow such work inside Parliament. The political struggle in Bolivia has been gaining momentum in the past few months. In March this year, former interim president Jeanine Anez was arrested and jailed. It was then alleged that his coup attempts had forced former President Morales to resign in November 2019.


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