Victims of shooting at Izhevsk school were taken to Moscow

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After almost a day, the special board finally returned to Moscow.

Recall that yesterday morning in Izhevsk, a 34-year-old man, armed with two pistols, burst into school No. 88 and opened fire on children. As a result, according to the latest data, 17 people died, including 11 children, and 25 were injured.

To help the wounded yesterday from Moscow to Izhevsk went special board of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in which there were doctors and psychologists. The plane was supposed to send the victims for treatment to Moscow, but from Izhevsk Il-76 flew out just today around 2:00 pm.

BUT returned flight to Zhukovsky airport at the beginning of the fourth. It is reported that he delivered 13 wounded schoolchildren and two teachers to Moscow in special medical modules. Judging by the video filmed inside the aircraft, the medical modules are actually almost a full-fledged hospital ward deployed right in the hold of the aircraft. For the victims, two-story beds with seat belts were equipped (naturally, the patients themselves do not need to climb to the second tier – they are delivered there on a special stretcher). And the necessary equipment is brought to each bed: diagnostic devices, oxygen. Relatives of the wounded flew the same flight on benches located opposite the beds.

According to the doctor of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, all the victims survived the flight normally, their condition did not worsen.

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