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Viber launched disappearing messages in regular chats

The Viber messenger launched disappearing messages in regular chat rooms that were previously available in secret correspondence, the company said.

“Disappearing messages familiar to secret chat users have also appeared in regular personal correspondence. The new function is very convenient: for example, you can communicate with each contact in one place and not start a separate secret chat when, for example, you need to send a credit card number.” – the message says.

It notes that now in regular chat rooms you can set a timer, and at the appointed time, the sent content will disappear. As soon as one of the users has turned on the timer, the “privacy” mode starts working for messages from both chat participants. The option can be turned on and off as needed.

“In the” privacy “mode, you can send messages, photos, videos or other types of files, and set the timer for a few seconds, a minute or an hour. The automatic countdown to deleting a message will be started immediately after the recipient sees it,” in the message.

“We made disappearing messages available for private chats in which Viber users communicate every day. Now, if a person wants the information that he sent to his interlocutor to be erased sometime after reading, it is enough to set a timer when sending a message, photo, or video. If the recipient took a screenshot, the sender will receive a notification about it, “Anna Migal, senior director of business development at Rakuten Viber, is quoted in the message. (Source: rambler)

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